FILM, – Latest Aladdin Movies Live Action Version. Surprisingly, the latest live-action version of Aladdin by director Guy Ritchie is quite fulfilling expectations.

Even though the trailer was released some time ago, it was doubtful. Various reactions also emerged, especially related to Will Smith’s appearance as Genie.

But interestingly, Smith actually managed to make the film memorable. In his own way, he managed to present the cheerfulness and silliness of this character.

The relationship built between Aladdin and him was very impressive. Dialogue between Aladdin and he managed to entertain and flow well. The dance and songs that become the background also make the atmosphere more alive.

The most memorable and impressive scene was when Genie introduced Aladdin as Prince Ali. Aladdin’s introduction was done since he arrived at Agrabah until he finally met Sultan and Jasmine.

The scene with this characteristic comes back in a version that is no less interesting than the animated version.

Aladdin who aired in the cinema was the result of reproduction of Disney animation. The animated film Aladdin itself aired about 27 years ago. This film is part of Disney’s efforts to recreate their old animated films to become more real.

Before the film Aladdin, Disney had already presented Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast. As well as Dumbo in the live-action version. Compared to previous films, the film Aladdin can be called quite successful in reviving the animated version into live action.

The outline of the story lifted from the 1001 fairy tale tonight is still the same. That is to say an orphan named Aladdin (Mena Massoud) who survived by stealing in the market.

Aladdin falls in love with a princess of the Sultan named Jasmine (Naomi Scott). Then he gets a miracle after finding a magic lamp containing Genie (Will Smith). Genie will fulfill three requests submitted by Aladdin.

Unlike the animated version, the live action Aladdin looks polished to suit more reasonable conditions. Even so, live-action Aladdin still maintains the magic that exists.

Best Cinematography

Supported by quality Disney cinematography, Aladdin is very indulgent, especially for those who like fairy tales. The legendary accompaniment of Arabian Night and A Whole New World music is very complementary. Although a number of CGI’s don’t feel smooth, it isn’t too annoying.

Even though Massoud and Scott had doubts about being able to play the characters of Aladdi and Jasmine, it turned out they could bring it well. Both of them managed to present nostalgia when the flying carpet scene while singing the song A Whole New World.

In this film, Jasmine’s role looks more prominent and is more courageous in voicing opinions. The song titled Speechless which was delivered in this film also seemed to provide an ‘empowerment’ for women.

Latest Aladdin Film Reviews 2019

Aladdin’s film has started airing on Indonesian cinemas, since Wednesday (05/22/2019). The latest 2019 Aladdin film is a fantasy film directed by Guy Ritchie. The latest Aladdin film scenario was written by Ritchie and Ohn August.

This film made by Walt Disney Pictures is a remake film from Disney animation in 1992. The story refers to a collection of Middle Eastern folklore “Arabic One Thousand and One Night” or 1001 night stories.

The latest Aladdin 2019 film is also a form of respect for Robin Williams. Robin Williams was the voice of the role of Genie, in the 1992 animation Aladdin. Previously, in October 2016, Walt Disney Pictures announced that Ritchie was chosen to be the director for the live-action remake of Aladdin.

In the same announcement, the name Will Smith is said to be playing Genie. While Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott are called to be the main cast.

The process of filming the latest Aladin film began in September 2017 at Longcross Studios, Surrey, England and Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan. Filming the latest Aladdin film will last until January 2019.

Latest Aladdin Film Cast List of 2019

Mena Massoud as Aladdin

Will Smith as Jin

Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine

Marwan Kenzari as Jafar

Navid Negahban as Sultan

Nasim Pedrad as Dalia

Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders

Alan Tudyk as the voice of Iago

Numan Acar as Judge

Robby Haynes as Razoul.

Synopsis of the Latest Aladdin Film 2019

The Latest Aladdin Film 2019 tells about street children. This child lives with a monkey named Abu. This child then fell in love with a king’s daughter in Agrabah.

One day, the Son and his monkey found a magic lamp containing a genie. Jin gave an opportunity for the child to submit three requests. One of the requests raised by this child is to be a prince.

Latest Aladdin Movies Live Action Version

The video of the latest Aladdin 2019 movie trailer has been released since March 13, 2019. In this trailer video, Aladdin is seen being chased by a mob. Aladdin managed to avoid. In his escape, Aladdin met with Jasmine. ***


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