INTERNATIONAL, – Khufu Ship. In the Al Haram Giza region or in the Egyptian Pyramid area, there is a boat restoration museum, a solar boat. This solar boat is believed to be a relic of Pharaoh Khufu’s time. This boat is in a museum called Cheops Boat.

The location of this museum is behind the Khufu pyramid. To enter the museum, visitors from overseas are charged tickets for 60 Le. While for visitors from among students the entry ticket is 30 Le. And if you take a picture, visitors will be charged a fee of 50 Le.

When entering the museum area, visitors will go through a rigorous inspection from the officer. After that, visitors will be asked to wear special footwear from fabric. The shoes must be used by visitors when they are in the museum area.

The use of special footwear from the fabric has a purpose. The goal is that dirt or bacteria do not spread and cause damage to the ship’s wood. Included on the museum floor is made of special wood.

The Cheops Boat Museum itself was built around 1985. The museum displays a photo gallery of boat restoration, long and large stone blocks. One stone block has a load of up to 18 tons.

Inside the museum there are also a variety of equipment found in the boat. Among the tools for repairs, miniature Solar boats and library space. Especially on the second floor of the museum, there is a large boat restoration.

Khufu Ship ; Boat of the Egyptian King Pharaoh’s Legacy

The Solar Boat was first discovered around 1954. The boat was found beside the Khufu pyramid. When found in a pit, the solar boat is supported by 13 rock layers. These rock layers are intentionally installed to prevent moisture and damage to the wooden parts of the boat.

In addition, the rock, which is about 4.5 meters long and 1.80 meters high, has a thickness of about 85 centimeters. The rock layer is also protected by pieces of wood. The pieces of wood are intended to fight wind and water leaks.

The solar boat that has more than 24 centuries consists of 1,224 pieces of wood. The wood used includes Lebanese cedar and Egyptian acacia trees. The solar boat is about 44 meters long and 5 meters wide.

This boat has 12 oars. Five paddles are on the left and right side, while 2 more paddles function as the steering wheel.

Based on the information of the archaeologist, the solar boat was made to transport Pharaoh’s body to the hereafter. This solar boat was made by the people of Egypt.

The second solar boat was discovered in June 2011. The second know is found not far from the first solar boat. The distance of the second boat from the first boat is around 140 meters. The second boat is smaller in size. Khufu Ship ; Boat of the Egyptian King Pharaoh’s Legacy. ***


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