Huawei : Can Finally Oppose Google Companies

How Huawei Can Finally Oppose Google Companies
In this photo taken Thursday, May 16, 2019, a man past by a Huawei store in Beijing. Google is assuring users of Huawei smartphones the American company's services still will work on them following U.S. government restrictions on doing business with the Chinese tech giant. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

INTERNATIONAL,- By imposing restrictions on Huawei Technologies Co., US administration Donald Trump. May force Chinese companies to do something that no one in technology has dared to do for a long time. Challenge Google’s control of the Android universe, which earned the US company a huge European fine last year.

Huawei faces two major threats to US technology export restrictions. One of them is the loss of the US component for its products. A blow that can not be prevented immediately if you want to keep making top smartphones.

Or another is or possibility to revoke or license from Android. Which will prevent Huawei from installing the latest version of Google’s operating system.

And some of the most important services that Western users deem necessary. Mainly Google Play Store, largest storage facility, Android apps

This specific barrier can be the strength of Huawei in Europe. A market that accounts for nearly a third of the sales of smartphones, according to IDC’s market research agency.

Or commission writes that by or development go or Android fork, Google in its mother Alphabet Inc. You impede “Close important channels for competitors to introduce applications in services. Especially common search services that can be pre-installed in Android forks”.

In its decision it presented a powerful argument in favor of the forks. As a platform for or independent innovations go Google. Which, if widely allowed, could limit Google’s dominance in various areas.

Google objects to the decision, but removes restrictions for telephone manufacturers to prevent additional fines. However, this does not lead to the implementation of alternative open-source Android platforms.

Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Major mobile phone manufacturers have a comfortable relationship with Google in which you will not need it. A few days after the European Union had imposed a fine on Google.

Huawei, at that time the telephone manufacturer, offered the largest, simple possibility of terminating an Android-based alternative operating system. On their device you install in the program without further explanation.

If Google removes an Android license, the Huawei downloads outside of its comfort zone. The company will not leave the European market without resistance after billions of dollars you have spent to develop its customer base.

Now it seems that consumers in various European countries are delaying Huawei with American attacks. UU Although they seem to have been paradoxically promoted from popularity of brands in France.

The company said, it had developed its own operating system (probably or Android fork) in trying to attract developers to its app store.

If EE UU Prevents Huawei Play Store from Installing. Chinese manufacturers may not spend much time teaching users how to install them themselves (as is now the case with cell phones purchased in China).

This is not what most consumers expect from expensive new devices. Instead, Huawei wants to offer developers an easy way to sell applications, not just in the Google Store, but also in a Huawei device pre-installed for their “multiple home”.

Huawei does not want to participate in an open confrontation with Google, a valuable partner

But the farewell that the United States government has ordered has changed many things. Huawei, with many of its own resources (probably with the support of from Chinese government decided to fight against from US), can improve investing heavily in marketing in bifurcations in Android. Given Huawei’s marketing potential, these efforts are not necessarily unsuccessful. In that, Asian and European developers could be encouraged not to compete in different areas, such as maps, video services or even search, with the enormous power of Google.

Given the recent pressure on the relentless data collection of American technology companies. UU In the widespread distrust of the Trump administration in Europe. There may be a search for free Google phones from major manufacturers known as hardware.

He knew he would be interested, France could stop him, you judge by his reaction to the American threat. EU regulators may be interested in proving that the antitrust solution go Google is not too late.

I know this is a utopian scenario. It is possible that Huawei does not have to fight against Google USA UU In China a trade agreement can be reached that will make the ghost disappear.


Or, if Huawei is forbidden to buy American technology. It may be that it is unable to make cell phones that can be sold for a while. In, of course. This is a Chinese communist company that makes it difficult for European regulators. In even private entrepreneurs to accept it as a savior of overwhelming American technology companies.

Monopolies in tech don’t last forever, However

Sometimes they only need encouragement to pour defects. If EE UU It moves against Huawei. It might be unknowingly giving such a push to Google in the smartphone market. Bloomberg Viewpoint

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